Since we can’t constantly speak about ourselves, read what the people, who have already collaborated with us, say about PAPPAS elevators.


The elevator installation is incredibly easy. There are signs everywhere, no need to cut anything. The set up can be done without any specialist (saving about $ 2,500 for calling specialiasts for set up).

Vladimir, Installation Technician at Vertikalniy Transport


Quick installation. Quick reply to any questions on installation. The Russian-speaking technician is always online to serve you. Qualified personnel. Satisfactory production time (we would like even less). Detailed Technical Instructions. Absence of problems during the set up.

LTD Liftgroup


Lemus LIFT team would like to advise everybody the company Pappas Elevators SA, as a reliable and responsible supplier of elevator equipment. This company employs real professionals who are responsive to their customers, providing full information about their product and fast and professional technical support. We also want to mention another aspect not unimportant in this great company and this is the observance of all agreements on terms of manufacturing equipment, as well as a lot of attention to their product, which is expressed in the care with which they made it.

Valeri Leontief, Director of LEMUS LIFT


The main criteria for the selection of the company PAPPAS elevators SA as a manufacturer for the application and implementation of the project were: a long and successful experience in implementation of different projects, the compliance of the company's needs and our desires. The complex project was realised on time with high quality.

Zhukov A., Director of SoyuzLiftTorg


Our rule is to offer customers the equipment "as for ourselves" Therefore, as high-quality European elevators we choose the PAPPAS elevators. For PAPPAS there are no trifles - whether we talk about packaging of the equipment, documentation, the shipment deadlines or quality machines, control units, instant technical support. The installation of the equipment is fast, as each elevator is pre-assembled at the factory. Worthy partners, excellent equipment, reasonable price. PAPPAS does everything "as for ourselves"!

Artem Isaev. Technical director of the group of companies «Lift-Import», LLC "Vertical TM"

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