Advanced security is all about solid installation!

At “PAPPAS elevators”, we recognize every project as a unique case and every customer as an individual with different needs and desires, either being a house, an apartment building or a commercial space. This is the reason why we seek continuous communication with our customers.

egkatastasi new Our starting point is always safety, a nonnegotiable merit to us!



Your elevator’s installation is done easy
fast and error-free

  • Measurements and guidance by a specialist/ consultant. Initial study and costing by a Mechanical Engineer.
  • Showroom available for our cabins’ showcasing. Custom-made designs also an option.
  • Application study by a Mechanical Engineer, installation supervision and constant quality control. Specialist crews.
  • Certify your elevator, following its repair, from the leading certification company, TÜV
  • Multiple payment options.


  • Elevator’s preassembly process & components compatibility check, as well as elevator’s functionality test
  • PAPPAS elevators products are the result of the company’s in-house R&D’s research


What to watch for…during your elevator’s functionality:

  • Mechanical Engineer application study
  • Component installation by specialized staff
  • Safety systems
  • Responsible work supervision
  • Full shaft dimensions exploitation
  • Passenger-evacuation system in case of electricity cut
  • Elevator cabin aesthetics
  • Passenger load capacity
  • Speed of movement
  • Energy conservation
  • Potential use by disabled people

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