The transportation of cars, small or big cargos in buildings is now safe, due to PAPPAS elevators’ integrated lift systems.

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Car-Lifts / Parking Systems::

A safe and reliable choice that will greatly help the mechanics and the owners, in case they cannot build the ramp. Using the intended Parking systems, there is a possibility of building addition parking-spaces, should there be a need of extra parking-spots in a narrow space. 

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 PAPPAS elevators’ car lifts are certified, allowing the transportation of passengers


The ideal solution for vertical indoor transportation regarding small and large cargo. In addition, construction and installation ability for small lifts up to 150 kg, regarding FMCG areas; lifts (or platforms) for industrial areas and storage spaces with lifting capabilities up to 5000 kg.



 Passengers’ transportation in cargo lifts is strongly PROHIBITED – There is risk of serious accident!

Are you looking for aesthetics, functionality and certified safety…easy, fast and error-free?

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