You can leave the technical part of the elevator to the specialized engineers of the PAPPAS elevators company and get involved with its aesthetics!

In our headquarters, you can find an elevator cabin exhibition.

It is a new, modern, pleasant space where a variety elevator options are showcased to complete your elevator’s puzzle.

You can choose from the cabin and the doors,

to the internal and external button panels.


Moreover, there can be numerous combinations of materials carried out. These materials include inox, formica, wood

Bakelite, mirror, laminate, ceramics, plastics, tiles and more. Our exhibits can be

αποτελέσουν πηγή έμπνευσης και δημιουργίας και τελικά να καταλήξει ο ιδιώτης, ο αρχιτέκτονας, ο

your inspiration source to help you be creative with your final choices, even if you are an architect, an interior designer, an engineer or a building manufacturer.

A specialized consultant will always assist you to create your combination.




For the people constituting our company, the challenge to communicate in order to bring out fertile ideas and proposals, is always pleasant. In our exhibition there is a space devoted especially for the hospitality our little friends. Parents can chose the cabin of their liking while children play, read books, make drawings or watch television. It’s a happy hour for the whole of your family!

We will be glad to guide you through our exhibition.

To arrange a visit to our exhibition press here.

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