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In this homepage, you can be easily navigated and informed regarding PAPPAS elevators' unique services for our corporate clients. Today, our company is already trusted by over 350 companies for the technical support of their elevators; based on criteria like the safety of their staff and their aesthetics!


They trust us

  • Cosco
  • Εθνική Τράπεζα
  • Alpha Bank
  • Eurobank
  • IKEA
  • ΟΤΕ
  • Wind
  • Deree
  • Public
  • Praktiker
  • BSB
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Max stores
  • Βασιλόπουλος
  • Βερόπουλος
  • Ηλεκτρονική
  • Γιώτης
  • Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη
  • MyMarket
  • Terna
  • Metro
  • Autovision
  • Ακτωρ
  • Ασφάλειες ΜΙΝΕΤΤΑ

questionmarkWho would you trust for your customers' and personnel transportation?


Key Account handler

For your company!
Customization in every way, so that you can communicate with the person you know and trust, at the other end of the line!


24 hour Call Center

In order for you to "find" our representative, every time you want one or need one!


24/7 Damage Support

So that your elevator, your escalator or your freight/ cargo never stops!


Damage response time - Less than 90 mins.

Because our clients are always ascending with safety and they are our priority!


PiC (PAPPAS Innovation Center)

The products and services you are currently enjoying are the result of the work developed at the only Innovation Center, in Greece, in the elevators' industry! A place for dreamers and doers!

icon-thumpChoose the package that suits your company!

PAPPAS Business Package (PBP)

this package only applies for customers located in Attica/ Greece

Key Account icon-yes icon-yes
Damage response time - Less than 90 mins. 90' 90'
Repair Guarantee 100% 100%
Repair Cost Coverage  No  Yes
24/7 Call Center  icon-yes  icon-yes
24/7 Damage Support  No  Yes
2 Audits per year  icon-yes  icon-yes
Check-list  icon-yes  icon-yes

redarrowCustomization – Create the intended business package tailor-made to your business.


For more information regarding new and upcoming PAPPAS elevators' services and to find out, how can your company optimize our partnership, please call us at + and ask to be transferred to our Corporate Clients support department or your intended Key Account handler.
Otherwise, you can email us at info@pappaslift.gr, titled "B2B info" or your company name.

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