Advanced Safety

In PAPPAS elevators we provide “Advanced Security” at indoor transportation! We want our client or any passenger to feel safe, to enjoy and savor the experience of the transport and understand the point of difference with regards to our company’s products and services. We ascend safely since 1979, technically supporting more than 5.000 elevators, while we are a trustworthy partner for several of the most renowned brands and firms in the Greek business sector.  

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Taking advantage of the three (3) main company traits, we constantly excel and improve our client service and bolster their trust.



We understand and use innovation, as our guide into the future, with continuous investments in every level, in order to enhance the quality standards and functionality of our products and services.


Know how

We are an elevators’ company that invests on and enhances its employees’ know-how, while at the same time we develop and utilize new practices, which help us to be leaders in our field.


Customer Service

People prefer us because we are always there for them… We are always by the customers’ side, in order to make them feel safe and sound. We are proud that 94% of our clientele declares themselves “Very Much” or “Extremely” satisfied with our client-service standards. We are there for our client with actions and proof!



This is why you should choose PAPPAS elevators!

Are you looking for aesthetics, functionality and certified safety…easy, fast and error-free?

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