PAPPAS Elevators offers integrated transportation within buildings such as passenger lifts, freights, car-lifts and special lifting systems for the disabled.

Hydraulic with or without machine room

Ideal choice for houses/ condos. They offer flexibility in manufacturing, reliability and functionality in use. The standard automatic evacuation system offers additional safety to users. Suitable where freights and car lifts are applicable.

Mechanical with or without machine room

Used in buildings with high visitation frequency and the need for both high speed and ability ti accomodate high volume passenger numbers. The offer unique sense of movement, smooth start - stop and absolute accuracy on the floor stops. As a result they provide a more environmental friendly choice, due to lower consumption of energy.

Is functionality, aesthetics and advanced security non-negotionable for you?

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Why choose PAPPAS Elevators for your home or enterprise?

  • More than 500.000 people move everyday with PAPPAS elevators products, both in Greece and abroad
  • Large variety in design, colour choices, booths and buttons
  • Product added value added, derived from PAPPAS Innovation Center (PiC) -
    Pre-assembly/ Pre-wiring
  • 24 hours Customer Service
  • Shipping to 18 countries worldwide
  • Direction and customer support from Engineers