Proton Elevators are the first elevators in the global market that are pre-assembled, tested and are operational before shipment!

Proton series has incorporated innovative ideas that allow us to change the way we think about elevators. It’s a result of thorough RND engineering in Pappas Innovation Center. It has been designed according to 40 years of experience in the shaft in order to eliminte installation failures. We think like passengers and we manufacture elevators based on the features and advantages that you require.

An elevator’s installation in now easy, fast and error free.



  • All the junctions on the control panel can be connected easily, with same-colored connectors
  • The elevator’s launch is easier than ever, due to Proron mRL’s starter’s tool kit.
  • Each electrical shaft connection can be implemented easily due to the use of connectors, without the need of specialized tools.
  • Fully pre-wired electrical cabin’s installation / roof cabin’s junction box / floor LOP / COP



  • Each elevator has already been assembled and tested in PiC before shipment.
  • The bottom part of the cabin’s frame, the machine and it’s base and the counterweight frame’s upper part are shipped pre-assembled
  • The elevator’s safety gear is preinstalled and fine-tuned on the car frame column, thus guaranteeing enhanced safety performance


error free:

  • Quality control for each individual component in order to assure it’s functionality
  • The machine and the control panel have been plugged in and tested for 24 hours before shipment
  • Use of calibrator and jigs to achieve ultimate fitting in the shaft. Free supply of MGRB (Main Guide Rail Bracket)


  • Maximization of the cabin. Space for mechanical parts: only 470mm
  • Applicable in every building despite shafts complexity - low pit, low overhead
  • Smooth operation
  • Vast variety of cabin & design options