PAPPAS Εlevators is your most reliable partner!

Our vision

Recognized as the leading Greek multinational elevators company providing innovative products and services for secure transportation within buildings.

Our values

Innovation: questioning entrenched situations
Vigilant: to grab opportunities provided and to make the most of them
Winning Spirit: strong will and passion for distinction, not just to participate in events
Customer Service: to see in the customer’s eyes the company’s future reputation and performance
Persistence in Detail: the advantage of quality
Know How: to know in width and depth your object
Respect for People and the Environment: to realize that you belong and grow in a global and sensitive ecosystem, which requires the protection from all of us

Our promise

PAPPAS Elevators is the company which guarantees the advanced transport safety inside buildings.

Our history

Our course

in time


We employ more than 120 people and technically support more than 4.500 elevators


Presence in more than 18 countries

  • Launch PiC – the only Innovation Center by an Elevator Company in Greece
  • Penetration in the market of Russia and neigbhoring countries
  • Expansion in the market of the United Arab Emirates
  • Active Participation in the Athens Olympic Games 2004 with the installation of 88 elevators
  • Expansion in the market of Albania with the establishment of Pappas Ashensor

Company owned facilities of 2.500m2 in Kamatero, Attica


Establishment of the company


We grow, conquer new markets
and develop mutually benefitial
Next up…
the global market