Proton elevators is a unique product-line in the global market; they have been preassembled, 100% tested and they are fully-operational before being delivered on-site.

Advantages beyond any expectation!


Unique installation ease
No special tool is required for installation! 


Make the most of your time
Reduce the elevator’s installation time at least at 30%!

error free

No problems on site
Zero possibility of material failure!


Proton is the new innovative concept in elevators, designed by the mechanical engineers of PAPPAS elevators; it is based on the principle that every elevator is thoroughly checked 100% in a production environment, in order to avoid any unexpected failures or problems during the installation process. Every elevator is now on a factory checked product providing a more advanced sense of security to the passengers. All the stages and work that were being developed in the shaft, are now completed in the factory, ensuring an easy and fast installation, while the end customers are exposed to the benefits of an industrialized product.

proton car

Do you want product innovation…easy, fast and error-free;

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