It is common to confuse renovation, repair and certification terms.

It is common to confuse renovation, repair and certification terms.

Elucidating then the meaning of each word thus:



  • Repair is needed when disorders appear in the operation of the elevator
  • Renovation comes as a result when a technical and often an aesthetic upgrade in the elevator take place.
  • Certification is the procedure that is needed to issue the corresponding certificate referring to the smooth and safe operation of the elevator.

Our company combines aesthetics with functionality, experience in big projects with speed and advanced security. We give you what you ask for!


Know how

  • Years of experience since 1979
  • Mechanical Engineers supervise and deliver every project
  • (Repair’s) Quality guarantee

Client Service

  • Fast response & repair (indentify problem)
  • 24/7 support
  • Warehouse stock for immediate spare-parts’ replacement
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Free check

  • “Free certification forever” offer
  • Certification-renewal

Financial Freedom

  • Payment options’ conveniences with interest free installments (up to 36)


  • Elevator’s preassembly process & components compatibility check, as well as elevator’s functionality test
  • PAPPAS elevators products are the result of the company’s in-house R&D’s research
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Added Value....

The elevator’s certification ensures the implementation of the required safety instructions and measures according to the law. According to (ΚΥΑ 2604/Β/2008) legislation, all elevators have to be certified. PAPPAS elevators has an in-house Certification department, with experienced staff able and ready to cope and help regarding any law’s demands.

Assigning your elevator’s certification to our company, simplifies the whole process to the maximum!

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